What to expect

Please feel free to let our cleaners know where you would like them to start cleaning.  We will wear shoe covers inside your home.  If there are valuables/fragile items on or near your windows, we ask that if possible to remove them.  You can expect your windows to be thoroughly cleaned.  We hand wash screens with soap and water instead of just dry brushing them off.  Tracks will be cleaned using brushes and damp microfiber towels.  (note:  some older/neglected tracks are very narrow and we will do our best to clean them, however the corners occasionally have dirt dried into adhesive which cannot be removed). We will do our best to identify any failed glass for you;  (Most windows have 2 pieces of glass that are sealed together, and over time or due to defects, that seal fails allowing moisture or spots/haze to set in between the glass making them appear dirty)  We clean most exterior windows by hand, except for some windows that are in direct, hot sunlight or hard to reach windows, which will be cleaned using a pure- water system.  This is a very effective cleaning method where de-ionized water is pumped to a brush head and the windows and frames are scrubbed and rinsed several time and allowed to dry spot-free.