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What to expect

-If interior work is scheduled, please remove suction cups, small, fragile, valuable or sentimental items from in front of your windows so that we will have access to the windows. We can move couches, furniture and beds if they are not too heavy-but if something is not moveable then that window will be marked as “inaccessible”
-The same may be true for exterior windows where landscaping and plants or other immovable obstacles prevent safe access to the window. All reasonable and safe efforts will be made to access your windows. Every effort and technique will be used to get your windows as clean as possible. Many times windows have not been cleaned in years, therefore; stains, oxidation, hard water deposits and corrosion of frames and tracks make it impossible to clean perfectly. This is especially true with older style windows.
-Normal specks of paint and mineral deposit will be included in the normal window cleaning process, but excessive amounts of paint or silicon will either need to be added to the quote or left as is.
-We are not responsible for the condition of deteriorated screens, plastic corners and frames when gaining access to your windows.
Thank you for choosing Stewart’s Window Cleaning for your window cleaning needs.

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